PROGRAM LEAD: Jason Gobleck, PGA • 2022 CT PGA Player Development Award Recipient • 2021 CT PGA Senior Player of the Year • 2021 CT PGA Senior Section Champion This 5-week program will introduce you to some of the best technology used by the best coaches and players in the game. Learn how to practice and train on tools like, Trackman, V1 Video Analysis, Boditrak Pressure Mat and K-Coach 3D Motion Capture. Jason will share with you how he trains during the offseason and show you best practices using Trackman, V1 Video, Boditrak pressure mat and K-Motion 3D. TRACKMAN: Learn all about Club Data and Ball Data. Ever wonder how or why your ball slices or hooks? How far do you hit the ball? Should you hit farther? Trackman gives us all these answers and more! V1 VIDEO ANALYSIS: Seeing is believing! We will use video from different angles to show you how you swing and what to look for in order to improve. BODITRAK PRESSURE MAT: Learn all about Ground Force Energy. We will look at how you use the ground and give you drills to make your swing more consistent and powerful. K-MOTION 3-D CAPTURE: We will the K-Vest to capture a 3D image of your swing to see how the body moves. We also introduce you to Live Bio-Feedback Training.

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