Developed by Marissa Kulig Crow, LPGA National LPGA Teacher of the Year - 2021 National LPGA Professional of the Year - 2022 $449 $499 - taught exclusively with Marissa Kulig Crow This course is an advanced playing class focusing more on developing playing skills and course management. This class will cover course strategy, club selection, playing formats, etiquette, equipment evaluation, goal setting and more! 4:1 Student to Instructor ratio (minimum of 2 students) Five consecutive weeks One hour in length Two classes will be held on the Apple 9 Three classes will be on one of the 18-hole Championship courses - Jones or Player One custom club fitting session if they student is interested in purchasing clubs One 45-minute private lesson with your specific instructor Video analysis and practice plan Five "Practice with the Pro" (PWP) sessions* This class if for students who have completed 301 or have extensive on course playing experience A workbook/reference guide will be provided Dates and times may be flexible with the instructor *All 301, 401 & 501 Students will be offered five "Practice with the Pro" (PWP) sessions. PWP Sessions are one hour long "supervised practice" sessions at the Golf Center. There will be multiple PWP sessions offered each week. These dates and times will be given to the students during their first class. Each student will have the option to register for up to five different PWP Sessions during their five week course. Students may sign up for additional PWP Sessions at $25 per class. Each session will have a specific topic. Alternate dates/times may be scheduled on a case-by-case basis to coordinate student and instructor availability. NOTE: This is a five week course. Six weeks are listed as that sixth week is saved in case Lyman is forced to cancel due to inclement weather in the first five weeks. If any sessions are missed as a result of the student cancelling, a Practice w/ the Pro credit (PWP) can be issued by your instructor by request. The Practice with the Pro (PWP) credit will be added to the student's account. PWPs are 1-hour clinics with a 10 to 1 ratio that will be run in the spring, summer, and fall by all instructors at the Golf Center. There are four main topics: full swing, pitching/sand, chipping, & putting. THERE ARE NO MAKEUPS.

Golf Fore Women - 401 Dates

Tuesday September 12, 2023 thru Tuesday October 17, 2023 at 5:15 PM

Details and Registration

Monday October 2, 2023 thru Monday October 30, 2023 at 10:45 AM

* fully booked

Details and Registration

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