201 $239 This class is for golfers that have completed the 101 class or have played golf within the last few years and want to improve their fundamentals. In five one-hour lessons, our coaches strive to build upon the fundamentals of the golf swing and golf game. (Six scheduled just in case of rain out) Golfers should plan to hit a lot of balls and it is recommended that you practice and play while participating in this 201 class. Some of the coaching will take place directly on the golf course. Wellness and nutrition will be introduced in this class. Upon completion it is recommended that golfers continue onto the 301 series, practice the fundamentals and perhaps join a league. NOTE: This is a five week course. Six weeks are listed as that sixth week is saved in case Lyman is forced to cancel due to inclement weather in the first five weeks. If any sessions are missed as a result of the student cancelling, a Practice w/ the Pro credit (PWP) can be issued by your instructor by request.

Men's Golf - 201 Dates

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