Made for the golfer that is looking to reach a specific scoring goal: such as breaking 100, 90, or 80. Golf tasks for putting, chipping, and full swing will be set up for each golfer at Lost Marsh's practice facility. You will receive specific goal's based on your current skill level and scoring goal. For example...A golfer trying to break 100 will have a goal of making 6/10 putts from 3ft, while a golfer trying to break 80 has a goal of making 8/10 putts from 6ft. MCG's PGA Professional, Marcus Yado will provide basic feedback to help you accomplish your task goals. After the tasks are complete, the group will play a couple holes on the Par 3 Course.  90 Minutes: $125/golfer 

Scoring Clinic @ Lost Marsh: 90 Min / $125 Dates

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