Match Play Golf Flashcard Game (Max Quantity 1 Deck)

Each deck has 20 beautifully-illustrated golf terms from Nicole Weller's book Let's Play Golf.  Learn the images and golf terms then play a matching memory game. The flashcards can be used anywhere... play at a table, on wet grass, on sand, while waiting at an appointment, during a Youth Golf Program and during Family Game Time!  Cards may be left face-up for younger children in an effort to make matches easier or left face down when a turn is over to improve upon memory. Competition at this age is not recommended but an overall team effort to help acheive the goal is!  Any card with asterisks indicate an activity that can be done for 3-5 repetitions during the game to promote motion and healthy activity!

This option includes 1 deck of Match Play Golf flashcards shipped via USPS media mail.