College Prep Program at The Golf Academy at St. Johns: The College Prep program is designed for the ambitious middle school or high-school golfer with aspirations to to play golf beyond high school. This program will improve technique, deepen skillset, and prep for recruitment opportunities. In this program, students will have group instruction and coaching, on-course playing and training, strength training & conditioning specific to golf, speed training, and more. This program is unlike any other at The Golf Academy at St. Johns as it includes the highest-level of detailed preparation and training to take your game to the next level. We offer the latest and most innovative full-swing & short-game technology to evaluate your game on every level including video technology, Capto Putting 3D analysis, and the exclusive SportsBox Ai 3D Swing technology. College Prep provide entire game-evaluation from full-swing, short-game, putting, scoring, physical, mental, and on-course performance. Each student will receive a complete training plan with specific drills, practices, and individual goals to accomplish based on their individual needs. College Prep is offered monthly, year-round, and requires an initial three-month commitment to begin. College Prep Full-Time Summer Schedule (4 weeks/16 sessions per month) Mon-Thursday, 9 am-12pm Workouts Tuesdays & Thursdays 12 pm-1 pm On-course 1-2x week after a lunch break and will fall on Mondays and/or Wednesdays after lunch (end between 3:30-4:00 pm) **In the event of class cancelled due to coaches missing due to sickness, travelling to competitions, or recognizing vacation time, make-up classes will be offered on either Fridays, Saturdays, or potentially Sundays.??** ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FALL PROGRAMMING WITH COACH MO College Prep Full-Time Schedule (4 weeks per month/16 sessions per month): Mon-Thurs 2:30-6:30 PM Workouts: Tues & Thursdays 4:30-5:30 PM On-course 1-2x weekly Mondays and/or Wednesdays Schedule: The Golf Academy at St. Johns follows the St. Johns County School Calendar and does not have scheduled academy class on national holidays. Programming is based on four weeks per month. On months there are five weeks, class will only be offered four of the five weeks. All students will receive Junior Golf Memberships to St. Johns Golf & CC ($100/month value). Students are encouraged to utilize this membership and practice and play on their own when there is no scheduled classes or academy. In the event of class cancelled due to weather or other events out of our control, make-up classes may be offered, but not required. **In the event of class cancelled due to Coach Mo missing due to sickness, travelling to competitions, or recognizing vacation time, make-up classes will be offered or another instructor may be asked to step-in to teach the class.** For parents: Parents must drop-off and pick-up students at the front of the clubhouse. The Academy Staff will escort all students to and from Academy. Please drop-off and pick-up attendees from the Clubhouse area. All practices and sessions are closed from visitation and outside attendees. The Bridge at St. Johns is available for those wishing to wait while Academy is in session. In respect for all participants and schedule, practices will commence and end promptly on time. Coaches will be unavailable for council during these hours. Outside meetings may be scheduled before or after practice. Thank you for respecting the time of our instructors. Additional recommended professional resources (not included in monthly packages) *Mental/Performance assessment & one-hour follow-up to go through assessment (Judgment Matters) *Initial one-hour TPI physical assessment with our Performance Doctors to locate any physical weaknesses or mobility issues restricting performance (Movement Driven) *Virtual evaluation & assessment with our Registered Dietician to create a performance meal plan (Nutrition That Matters) *Initial College Golf Recruitment Consultation with professional College Golf Recruitment specialist *Stat Tracking Software (Clippd) College Prep Professional Team: *Golf Professional: Monique Gesualdi, PGA, LPGA, TPI *Personal Trainer: Kelly Luedke, BSES, PTA, F45 Manager *TPI Golf Chiropractic Care: Dr. Bryce Arndt, D.C., FIAMA, TPI *TPI Performance Physical Therapist, Dr. Greg Goldberger, PT, DPT, OCS *Mental Performance Consultant, Dawn Woodard, Judgement Matters *Registered Dietician, Cindel Gwyn, MS, RD, LDN *Wendy Davis, Licensed Therapist, LCSW *Women’s College Golf Recruitment Consultant, Brandi Jackson Golf *Men's College Golf Recruitment Consultant, ForeCollegeGolf, Michael Smith

College Prep Full-Time Summer Program Dates

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