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Greg Sohl has spent his whole life around golf.  He started as a kid spending his days out at Hilltop Country Club in Nebraska.  This led into success at both the High School and College level.  After many amateur wins he moved to Phoenix, Arizona to pursue a career playing golf professionally.  While playing on the various tours he had the opportunity to learn from some of the best golf instructors in the world including many in Golf Digest’s top 100 teachers.   

Greg’s experience as a player has a big influence on his philosophy as a teacher.  He believes that there is no one perfect golf swing but excels in finding out what specific thing will have the biggest effect on their golf game.  This helps make meaningful change not just a quick fix.  Greg’s experience working with golfers just picking up a club for the first time to players looking to play at the highest level makes him an ideal fit to help you achieve all of your golfing goals.