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Kevin Connole - $89.00
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Kevin was born and raised in the small town of Boulder, MT. Early in life he fell in love with golf because of his uncle. Unfortunately, Boulder wasn’t big enough to even have a golf course. So, he did the next best thing...he hit golf balls in the alfalfa fields with his uncle. Later in life his love of golf helped him decide to pursue golf as a career.
After graduation at the top of his class from the San Diego Golf Academy, he was hired on as the Director of Nike Golf Schools and Junior Camps in Utah. He spent 3 years running the camps and helping golfers refine their golf skills. Kevin also lived in Arizona and California while pursuing his career in golf. His journey allowed him to gain valuable experience along the way working as tournament director, assistant pro and eventually becoming the head professional at Robson Ranch Golf Club in Eloy, AZ. Kevin became a PGA member in 2005.
Kevin’s passion in golf, however, is teaching and helping others improve their golf games. He has experience teaching all levels of golf including, juniors, senior retirees, pure beginners, as well as high school and college players. He directed after-school enrichment programs, was a staff instructor at the Golf Academy of America and is the Founder of Par 68 Golf.
Kevin's philosophy: “My philosophy on teaching golf is to keep it simple and remember that golf is a game not just a swing. I want my students to enjoy playing golf, so I will help them develop a better swing that’s easy to repeat, which will help them play better golf.”
When Kevin isn’t having a great time working at Topgolf, he enjoys spending time with his wife, 8 children and 7 grandchildren. He plays and coaches Ultimate Frisbee. He loves playing and watching tons of sports, especially BYU football, basketball and volleyball. His favorite game to play at home is Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game.