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Gareth is a golf fanatic. He eats, sleeps and breathes golf. If he isn’t helping others work on their game, he’s working on his own. He can’t seem to get enough. During a healthy amateur career, eventually leading to a division one scholarship to UTPA. You could have presumed his life path was heading towards golf instruction because of his passion to share his experience studying the work of Kelvin Miyahira. Who is the reason for Gareth’s ability as a golfer today.Kelvin Miyahira is often considered the most influential golf instructor of the modern era. Publishing his theories on Spine Mechanics & The Myofascial System for the golf swing in 2008 to 2016. Eventually transforming the instruction industry globally by providing truth, consistency and dispelling myths through anatomy. Gareth was one of the early adopters of Kelvin’s work, which paid dividends both personally as a golfer and as professionally an instructor.  

Gareth is in a unique position as a golf instructor because of his extensive experience with Kelvin’s work, as it is now finally starting to gain traction as the most comprehensive teaching material known throughout the world of golf. This early exposure helps him be a great example of excellence as a golfer, making it easier to convince fellow golfers that the answers have been found and are available for adoption. He intends to embrace the heavy influx of golfers that come through our doors, to help as many of them as possible play the golf of their dreams.