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Golf fanatic that can’t get enough! After picking up the game at the age of 12, I had a feeling that it would have a huge impact on my life, in what capacity I didn’t know. My initial motivation to improve was solely to beat my Father and my Brother. Unfortunately for them, that didn’t take too long and so my journey began! 


I was inspired immensely from watching the incredible swing of Tiger Woods! The blend of raw power, athleticism and beauty mesmerized me as a teenager. I also had the amazing fortune of taking a lesson from the Golden Bear Jack Nicklaus, hard to believe I know but those two things together was all the motivation I needed!


So from the age of 12, I spent the majority of my life hitting golf balls as well as playing a lot of golf, I competed at high levels in Europe and attained Division 1 scholarship to UTPA. However, my love for hitting balls with the intention of mastering the golf swing dramatically outweighed my desire to become the best golfer I could. 

I just wanted to hit the ball like Tiger Woods! I knew if I could get close to that, the golfer part of the picture would take care of itself. I took lessons from professionals all over the world, exhausted every in person avenue for tuition I could and I still fell short of the standard I set for myself. It kept me up at night, often! 

So the millennial in me came out and I headed to the Internet with intensity! I knew there had to be someone else out there in my position. I had to know how they were also attacking the problem of technically improving their golf swing. The Internet didn’t let me down! I hit the jackpot. There was a golf forum at the time for crazy golf addicts like myself who were also loosing sleep over their inability to find applicable information on the golf swing as well as motor learning skills. 


They were all talking about Kelvin Miyahira. A generous gentleman from Hawaii. Who was the first golf instructor in the world to present the case for Spine Mechanics & Myofascial Tissue for the golf swing. He was just having fun sharing his interest, insights and intellect regarding the golf swing. Little did he know he would create a Golf Instruction Bible of sorts that would go on to transform the industry, giving the ever so elusive answers to the world for free! Quite the noble endeavor. 


After years of effort leading to nothing but wheel spinning and frustration. I finally had found what I was looking for and I got right to work. I went crazy reading his articles, having profound eureka moments from the anatomical precision. It worked! I slowly but surely put the pieces together and built an incredible swing that produces numbers that rival the best in the world. I owe it all to him. 

So now I share my life experience with golfers of all levels in person and online, all around the world with the hope of saving them from the pain I experienced. While also intending to grow this beautiful game and have an impact on future generations for the better.  Then I met Top Golf!