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2022 Adult Starter or Reboot Program

Adult Starter Program $295 (reg. $390)

All FIVE lessons are private sessions. There are FOUR 1/2-hour practice area lessons and ONE playing lesson. As a  beginner you will get more than just the basics.  If you are looking to reboot, you’ll be able to build upon the skills you already have to improve your game. This is perfect for new players or those seeking to reach their potential. This compressed training delivers results. Begin with a 1/2-hour private lesson. After the initial lesson, recommendations will be offered to the spacing of remaining lessons. All lessons expire on 10/31/22.
Fee $295 includes:
  • FOUR .5 hour private lessons  (reg $260)
  • ONE 1 hour playing lesson (reg $130)
  • Audio/video notes included with lessons.