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Notes: No blue jeans or t-shirts, please. I am looking forward to working with you.

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At Renditions Golf Course
Fee: $95 (or 3 senior member credits) includes video notes sent after each lesson to facilitate your learning and help you practice. 

Information: Please arrive 10 minutes before your lesson time and meet me on the right-hand side of the range. Please stretch and swing a club to warm up. Please do NOT hit any balls before your lesson. It is important that I observe the ball flight of the first balls you hit -- before you get into a groove. This will help me to help you more quickly.

Notes to Instructor: Please remember to complete the ABOUT YOU ONLINE FORM prior to your lesson. A link will be found on your confirmation email. The more information I have about your game, the better it is for both of us. If you will need clubs for your lesson, include that information as well as whether you are right or left-handed.

Location: All lessons are held on the right-hand side of the range unless otherwise agreed upon. Renditions Golf Course is located at 1380 West Central Avenue, Davidsonville, MD 21035