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2022 Share a Program for 2 Adults

Share A Program for 2 Adult Golfers

All SIX lessons are private sessions for 2 adults.  There are FIVE .5 hour shared range lessons for 2 and ONE 1.5 hour shared playing lesson for 2. The two participants do not need to have similar skill levels. This is a perfect package for friends, family, and colleagues. Begin with a .75 hour lesson for 2. Afterwards recommendations for lesson spacing will be offered. This package covers instruction, video analysis, video clips of suggested practice drills, club usage if needed, range ball, course, and cart fees for both adults. All lessons expire 10/31/22.

FIVE .75 hour private shared lessons for 2 adults  (reg $575)
ONE 1.5 hour playing lesson includes cart/course fees (reg. $298)
Audio/video notes included with lessons.

Fee: $565 or $282.50/golfer (regularly $873 or $436.50/golfer)