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50+ Senior (Rockers) Discount Renewal Package $280
Available for Purchase Until March 15th, 2020 Only for Renewing Members

This senior golf instruction package is available to men and women 50 years and older who were members during the 2019 season. The renewal fee is $280 which represents 14 credits to be used over a 7-month period. 

Credits may be used for any combination of the following instruction or training. You receive a 30-50% savings off regular fees for services below by purchasing this package for $280. You are receiving these discounts because you are committing to regular participation on average twice per month during the season. Our golf season is 7 months long and runs from April 1st through October 30th.

Women Only Skill Development Sessions $20 regularly $39 (1 credit)
Golfers 50+ Group Playing Lessons $40 regularly $65 (2 credits)
PRACTRANS $20 regularly $39 (1 credit)
Putting PhD Group $40 regularly $60 (2 credits)
Specialty On Course Sessions $60 (2 credits)
30-minute Private Lesson $40 regularly $65 (2 credits)
45-minute Private Lesson $60 regularly $95 (3 credits)

Example 1: Sally schedules one 30-minute private lesson 7 times throughout the season. Without this package the 7 lessons (14 credits) would have been $65 each or $455. Sally paid $280, so she saves = $175.

Example 2: Tim uses 8 credits for 8 Practrans sessions, 4 credits for 2 group playing lessons and 2 credits for a 30-minute private lesson. Without this package, Tim would have paid $507. With package Tim saves $226.

The scheduler will debit the credits in your package each time you schedule a session or lesson.
If you cancel a session, the scheduler will add the credits back into your package.
All unused credits expire on 10/30/20.
The package is non-refundable.
A golfer may transfer any unused package to another golfer before 9/30/20 with a medical reason only. 
A maximum of 2 lessons/sessions may be used during the month of October.