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Be A Player Junior Golf Discount Program -- Multiple Children $210

This discount junior golf instruction package is available for families with junior golfers 10-17 years old or younger juniors who have been approved by Marian Geist following participation in private junior lessons or adult-junior lessons so that skill, behavior, and maturity can be assessed. Session credits will be posted to your online account upon payment. Each time you schedule a session, the scheduler will debit the session fee from your account. When you cancel a session with at least 12 hours notice, the scheduler will put the credits back into your account. If the session is canceled due to weather, the credits will be put back into your account. If you have an emergency and need to cancel a session without 12 hours notice, you will need to connect with Marian via email and we can discuss the refund situation.

One child -- prepaid session credits are $140 (28 credits). Each credit = $5.
Two or more children -- prepaid session credits are $210 (42 credits). Each credit = $5. 

Be A Player program session options
Range instruction session $15 which is THREE $5 credits from your package per child (reg.$20) 
Golf course instruction sessions $20 which is FOUR $5 credits from your package per child (reg. $35)

Additional options: 
Attend any "Adult Group Instruction and Training Session" (with approval) for $15 or THREE $5 credits from your package per child (reg. $39)

All unused credits expire on 9/10/20. 
The "Be A Player" package is non-refundable; however, a golfer may transfer or sell any unused package to another golfer should the package owner be unable to use for any reason.