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Adult Discount Membership
This membership is available to adult golfers who want to develop their game. You get FIFTY discounted session credits which can be used for a variety of group and individual instruction sessions. Each credit = $5.00. Select any combination that fits your game and preferences. 
Small group sessions non-member and member fees
  • Women Only Group Instruction regularly $39 and $25
  • COED Group Instruction regularly $39 and $25 
  • 3-Person Specialty On Course Clinics regularly $70 and $50 
  • 3-some Playing Lessons regularly $70 and $50 
Private and semi-private lessons non-member and member fees
  • Adult 1/2-hour Private Lesson regularly $65 and $50 
  • Adult 3/4-hour Private Lesson regularly $95 and $70 
  • Individual Specialty On Course Lesson regularly $130 and $100 
  • Putting PhD Individual Instruction regularly $120 and $90 
  • Private Playing Lesson regularly $198 and $140 
  • Online Lesson and Swing Analysis regularly $149 and $105 

Enroll and schedule your first session today
  • This membership is $347 and includes a $97 registration fee. Limited offer. 
  • The scheduler will debit the credits in your package each time you schedule a session or lesson.
  • If you cancel a session, the scheduler will add the credits back into your package.
  • The package is non-refundable.
  • Due to medical reasons only, golfers may transfer unused package credits to another golfer (who is approved by Marian Geist) before 9/30/21. 
  • maximum of 2 sessions using original program credits may be used during October 2021. 
  • All unused credits expire on 10/30/21.