• Prices are per bay/per hour, not by per person. It generally takes one hour to play 18 holes per player. Please book your time acordingly.
  • Non Members can only reserve 7 days in advance. Members can reserve 14 days in advance
  • Check our membership program to receive the best discounted rates!
  • Due to limited spaces and availability, any bay reservation cancelled within 24 hours of the scheduled reservation time will be subject to the full hourly rate of the time booked
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Service Description

  • Play 18 holes on one of more than 200 of the world's famous golf courses
  • Utilize Shot Analysis and retrieve video data of your swing and all shot metrics
  • Hit the Virtual Driving Range
  • Play games like Closest to the Pin, Bullseye, Capture the Flag, Hit It, Scrapyard, Magic Pond or Streets of Neon Mini Golf!

Wall Layout (6 Bays)

Brick Layout (10 Bays)

Toms River Layout (5 Bays)