Camps - Junior Half Day camp - (Valley View)

Five days of instruction, practice, and play outdoors coupled with loads of FUN, and the opportunity to build new friends.

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Classes - Connect Better - Ardmore

Teaches the game from the Green Back to a full swing. We work on developing fundamentals and a consistent repeatable swing to start to shape your game.

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Classes - Junior Connect Better - Ardmore

Junior Connect Better is designed to learn the fundamentals. It is the first level in the Junior Let's Learn series that will guide your development to play better golf and have a lot more fun doing it!

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Classes - Junior Fly Further - Ardmore

This is the third class in our Play-a-Round class series. We will work on using your body correctly and in sequence to deliver the club face to the ball in a more effective way. We will focus on Ball Compression using - Club Path, Face ( Centernedness of contact), Lag, and body rotation to start booming the ball down the course.

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Classes - Land Closer - Ardmore

This is the second class in our Play-a-Round class series. We work more on delivering the club to the ball in a consistent way, we will develop a routine, and better ways to get the ball closer to the hole to start to score.

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Golf Camp - Full Day

Full Day camp sessions include the Midday Session with both the Morning and Afternoon Sessions providing the ultimate in golf learning experience for your child.

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League - Spring Anytime League (Ardmore)

Leagues - Spring Anytime League (Malvern)